CMOS & CCD Sensors

Hier sind jetzt alle CCD & CMOS Hersteller zusammnegefasst.

ANDANTA GmbH Detektortechnologie

  • Si-CCD-Sensoren – höchstauflösend bis 10k x 10K
  • Si-Time Delay & Integration (TDI)-Sensoren
  • Si-CMOS
  • Indium-Gallium-Arsenid (InGaAs)- Matrixdetektoren

Canon’s CMOS sensor technology offers OEMs and end users expanded possibilities for industrial vision applications. From uniquely large pixel sizes to exceptionally high pixel counts in a compact design, Canon CMOS sensors push the boundaries of imaging possibilities. Facilitating on-going innovation in industrial camera and image capture technologies, Canon CMOS sensors support pioneering solutions for advanced industrial, machine vision and scientific applications.


Eureca Messtechnik hat die Vertretung diverser CMOS & CCD Hersteller, Eureca berät Kunden und Lieferanten bei Design und System Entwicklung.

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Image Sensors

Charged-Coupled Devices (CCDs) are solid-state image sensors that provide low light level detection, with high signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range. The vast majority of our CCDs are full frame transfer devices with 100% fill factor. We offer scientific grade CCDs including a unique back-thinned (BT-CCD) device featuring 90% quantum efficiency (QE). The back-thinned CCD has high QE from the near infrared to the vacuum UV region of the spectrum and it can even directly detect X-rays with energy below 0.5 keV. Front-illuminated CCDs can be used to directly detect X-rays up to 10 keV and X-rays over 100 keV can be imaged using fiber optic scintillators (FOS). Our CCD detectors are used in low light level imaging, raman spectroscopy, microscopy, non-destructive inspection, dental X-ray imaging and medical imaging.

Hamamatsu's back-thinned TDI-CCDs feature:

  • Very high sensitivity from UV to near IR
  • High-speed continuous image acquisition
  • Multiple ports for high-speed line rate


  • Sequential imaging of high-speed moving samples
  • Inspection tasks on electronic parts production line
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • Flow cytometery

Also available: front-illuminated FFT-CCD with a large active area for TDI applications.

IMASENIC, develops custom CMOS Image Sensors, from specifications to volume production. We work with customers from the initial specifications, refining them and making into a viable product. We are customer-focussed. We know how important is an investment for a custom sensor and want our customer to be totally satisfied with their new product. IMASENIC team has decades of experience in developing custom CMOS image sensors and taking to market high-volume products, Our mission is to create outstanding products for customers, matching or exceeding their goals.
IMASENIC is located in Barcelona, Spain, one of the innovation capitals of Europe.

ISDI was formed in 2010 by a group of semiconductor designers with deep knowledge and experience in CMOS image sensors gained through projects in scientific and research sectors. Since inception, ISDI has evolved from a supplier of scientific sensors to a manufacturer of wafer scale imaging devices for mainstream medical, dental and industrial applications.

Our philosophy has been to engage and retain engage the best CMOS designers in the business as a professional network of silicon engineers: architecture, design, layout, verification and manufacturing. We work with world-class foundries, wafer processing and packaging suppliers.

Since 2014, we have been a volume supplier to market-leading Medical Devices and NDT manufacturers.  In keeping with our commitment to supply major manufacturing companies, we have a rigorous and comprehensive quality programme with a focus on close collaboration with our supply chain and continuous improvement.

We distinguish ourselves against other semiconductor companies in three important areas.

Rapid development.  We are a highly efficient and energetic team. We focus on achieving working silicon in minimum time. Our design cycle time is unmatched in the industry.

Can-do attitude. We are not afraid of challenges, being innovative, and pushing the boundaries. We take on niche products which other design houses would consider too small or too risky.  Above all, we love our work and we have a passion for creating the best.

Cost efficiency.  We keep our running costs low.  We are an engineer-led company with a minimal organisational overhead.  We use trusted external resources and a flexible network of industry associates to get the work done with minimal overhead. In this way we are able to provide high quality, well-engineered products at a price far lower than the bigger industry players.


ISDI maintains world class quality standards and is compliant with ISO 9001:2015. 


On Semi Imaging

On Semi CCD & CMOS Detectors

With over 30 years experience in image sensor research and production, Kodak provides an unmatched portfolio of image sensors that serve commercial, industrial and professional imaging markets.
Interline CCD Progressive scan sensors with electronic shutter for real-time imaging.
0.5 MP up tp 16 MP (Mega Pixel)

  • Progressive scan (non-interlaced) with electronic shutter and anti-blooming support
  • High resolution
  • Large pixels for high sensitivity
  • High frame rates with multiple outputs
  • Fast line dump for faster sub-sampling
  • Low image lag and smear
  • Full Frame CCD    
  • Low noise, high sensitivity imagers for a variety of applications.

Full Frame CCD Image Sensors
1.0 MP up to 50.1 MP (Mega Pixel)

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Support for large sensor formats
  • Simple, two-phase clocking
  • Wide range of pixel sizes
  • Ultra low dark current for long exposures
  • High frame rates
  • Vertical and horizontal binning
  • Options include anti-blooming support, microlens availability, and color or monochrome selection

Linear CCD Image Sensors 
High performance monochrome and trilinear (RGB) arrays.

  • Product      Resolution  Pixel Size
  • KLI-2113    2098 x 3    14.0 µm 
  • KLI-4104    8160 x 1    5.0 µm 
  • KLI-4104    4080 x 3    10.0 µm 
  • KLI-8023    8002 x 3    9.0 µm 

Discontinued Products(January 2010):

Please be advised the following products have been discontinued.

DISCONTINUED CMOS Image Sensors      
Product Resolution   Pixel Diag. Frame Rate
Name     Size mm (fps)
KAC-9618 VGA 648 x 488 40305 1/3" 30
KAC-9619 VGA 648 x 488 40305 1/3" 30
KAC-9628 VGA 648 x 488 40305 1/3" 30
KAC-5000 5.0 MP 2592 x 1944 40361 1/1.8" 6
KAC-9617 VGA 664 x 504 40305 1/3" 30
KAC-9627 VGA 664 x 504 40305 1/3" 30
KAC-9630 VGA 128 x 101 20 1/4" 580
KAC-9631 VGA 128 x 101 20 1/4" 580
KAC-9637 VGA 672 x 488 6.0 1/4" 68
KAC-9638 SXGA 1032 x 1312 6.0 1/2" 18
KAC-9647 VGA 672 x 488 6.0 1/4" 68
KAC-9648 SXGA 1032 x 1312 6.0 1/2" 18
KAC-01301 1.3 MP 1284 x 1028 40361 1/4" 16
KAC-05010 5.0 MP 2592 x 1944 40211 1/2.5" 5
KAC-3100 3.1 MP 2048 x 1536 40361 1/2.7" 10
DISCONTINUED Interline CCD Image Sensors    
Product Resolution   Pixel Diag. Frame Rate
Name     Size mm (fps)
KAI-1011 1.0 MP 1008 x 1018 9.0 40433 15 / 30
KAI-11000 10.7 MP 4008 x 2672 9.0 43.4 40300
DISCONTINUED Full Frame CCD Image Sensors    
Product Resolution   Pixel Diag. Frame Rate
Name     Size mm (fps)
KAF-0401 WVGA 768 x 512 9.0 40245 20
KAF-1301 1.3 MP 1280 x 1024 16.0 40235 40300
KAF-1602 1.6 MP 1536 x 1024 9.0 40345 40211
KAF-4202 4.2 MP 2048 x 2048 9.0 40204 0.5
KAF-6302 6.3 MP 3088 x 2056 9.0 33.4 0.6
KAF-10010 10.0 MP 3876 x 2584 40396 40390 40270
KAF-16802 16.6 MP 4080 x 4080 9.0 51.9 0.5
KAF-18000 18.0 MP 4904 x 3678 9.0 55.1 40330
KAF-22000 22.0 MP 5440 x 4080 9.0 61.2 0.4
DISCONTINUED Linear CCD Image Sensors    
Product Resolution Pixel      
Name   Size      
KLI-5001 5001 x 1 7.0      
KLI-6013 6002 x 3 12.0      
KLI-8811 8800 x 1 7.0      
KLI-10203 10200 x 3 7.0      
KLI-14403 14404 x 3 5.0      
Support Chip        

Narragansett Imaging Camera Tubes

Camera Tubes. Narragansett Imaging is the only company in the world that manufactures Plumbicon camera tubes. We manufacture a full line of premium Plumbicon, and other camera tubes for X-ray imaging and other diagnostics.

Narragansett Imaging
51 Industrial Drive
North Smithfield, RI 02896 USA
Tel [401] 762-3800 Fax [401] 767-4437

Teledyne Dalsa Canada

Research & Development Facilities:

  • DALSA Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • DALSA Montreal St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
  • DALSA Eindhoven, The Netherlands Image Sensor Design Center
  • DALSA Semiconductor Bromont, Québec, Canada CCD Detector Fab

Machine Vision (OEM):

  • Cameras
  • Frame Grabbers
  • Vision Processors
  • Vision Software
  • Custom Solutions

Machine Vision (End User):

  • Vision Appliances
  • Smart Cameras

Semiconductor Fabrication:

  • MEMS
  • Image Sensors
  • High Voltage CMOS

Image Sensor Solutions:

  • Professional Photography
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Industrial

Life Science Imaging

Teledyne E2V UK


  • CMOS Imaging Solutions
  • Industrial Imaging
  • Airborne Radar
  • Automotive
  • cargo screening
  • Fire rescue and security thermal imaging
  • Gas Sensing
  • Induction and Dielectric Heating
  • Industrial Linac
  • Industrial Machine Imaging
  • Lasers
  • Marine Radar
  • Satellite communications
  • Medical Imaging
  • Dental Imaging
  • Linear Accelerators and HEP
  • Medical therapy
  • RF System
  • Scientific Imaging
  • X-ray Spectroscopy
  • Space & Scientific Imaging
  • Defence Imaging
  • Defence Radar
  • Defence Satellite Communications
  • ECM
  • Explosives Initiation Systems
  • High Reliability Electronics
  • Homeland Security
  • Space Imaging
  • CCD & CMOS imaging sensors
  • EMCCD imaging sensors - L3Vision


  • Argus Firefighting Cameras
  • ArgusSC security cameras
  • Automotive Products
  • e2v Scientific Instruments (x-ray detectors)

CID Tec @ Thermo Fisher
Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures Charge Injection Device (CID) based video cameras and imaging sensors for analytical instrumentation, industrial machine vision, medical, scientific and aerospace applications.


  • Camera Systems
  • Digital Camera Systems
  • Intensified Cameras
  • Radiation Hardened Cameras


  • Laser Profiling
  • Measurement
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Spectroscopy
  • UV Imaging